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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How do I download music from YouTube to Spotify

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We all enjoy listening to our favorite tracks on YouTube as they are available, with video streaming and easily searchable ability. On the other hand, the bitter truth is that we people can’t always hang around gazing at YouTube video music all the time. Therefore, here you have a YouTube To Spotify extension that enables you to add your favorite music or song from Youtube to the Spotify music streaming app. But before this, it is necessary that you must already have the Spotify app installed on your device. 

Moreover, this downloading process from Spotify to YouTube also comes out as Youspot, which definitely sounds grooving. It hardly takes two clicks to install the YouSpot Extension on your system. And once you install the YouSpot Chrome Extension, it lets you easily add YouTube songs to your Spotify playlists. Consequently, it saves you time from visiting YouTube again and again, to listen to all your favorite songs. 

Furthermore, to learn how to install the YouSpot Extension on your system, you can follow the information below. As it carries the installation information, which is applicable to “YouSpot Chrome Extension,” “YouSpot Edge,” “YouSpot Firefox,” and “YouTube To Spotify Extension.” So don't worry if you are installing this YouTube To Spotify extension on any of these web browsers.        


Features of Youtube to Spotify Extension 

Undeniably, knowing about the “YouSpot Extension'' is an important and primary thing. But before doing so, gathering some information about its features is equally relevant. Doing so will bring more clarity and help you to understand this YouSpot Chrome Extension in a better way. And these are:   

1. Create Playlist

First and foremost is a “Create List” feature that enables its users to create their favorite music playlists on Spotify. Creating your playlist on the Spotify music streaming app lets you add all your favorite YouTube tracks to it. So you can enjoy listening to all your favorite music tracks anytime in a single playlist without going or switching to another platform. 

2. Accessibility 

The second user-friendly feature is “Accessibility,” which lets you install this “YouSpot Chrome Extension'' or Youtube to Spotify extension on different web browsers. And these are “YouSpot Edge,” “YouSpot Firefox,” and “YouTube To Spotify Extension.” Along with this, it even allows you to add the songs to your Spotify playlist from YouTube and SoundCloud like accessible platforms.  

3. Add Songs 

The last and third one is an “Add Songs” feature, which you can use after installing and pining the (Youspot)Youtube to Spotify extension. Moreover, this feature helps you easily add any of your favorite songs to your Spotify playlists. Thus, you don’t need to revisit YouTube to listen to your same favorite songs and music.  

How to Use the Youtube to Spotify Extension?


Now, let's begin the process of installing the YouSpot Extension to see how this YouTube To Spotify works. Therefore, sticking to the below steps will be extremely beneficial for you to understand this process. So without any further delay, let’s begin it: 

1. In the very first step, you need to click on the “Add to Chrome” button. 

2. After that, click the “Add Extension” button to carry onward. You can easily find the button displayed on the screen.

3. Next, you need to click on the “Puzzle” icon. To easily find the “Puzzle” icon, straight jump on the right-hand side of the Chrome bar. 

4. Here, it would help if you pinned the (Youspot)Youtube to Spotify extension. Therefore, ensure the extension appears as a blue pin in front of the extension name “Spotify Playback Speed.”

5. Once you complete pinning the YouSpot Extension on your system. Start by playing music on YouTube, so it can automatically copy the URL of the streaming music or song. 

6. Now, end it by adding your streaming song to any of the opened playlists on the Spotify app. If you still need to create the playlist, then create it first and repeat the same process.

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