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How to Add YouTube Songs to Spotify Mobile - Step by Step Guide

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Do you have a cherished playlist on YouTube that could be available on Spotify? Are you seeking a way to play your favorite YouTube music on your Spotify account seamlessly? Your search ends here, as we've got all the information you need to add YouTube songs to your Spotify mobile today effortlessly! You can even install the YouSpot Extension on your device as an easy and quick solution. While Spotify boasts an impressive library of over 70 million songs, some hidden gems remain exclusive to YouTube. 

It's frustrating when you can't find that special remix or track from a talented small producer who still needs to upload their work to Spotify. Moreover, it's completely worth learning about adding a YouTube Playlist to Spotify, especially in certain situations. Even if you want to learn about importing music from YouTube Music into Spotify. Then, you don’t need to go anywhere; until or unless you have a guide below leading toward processing step by step. So, the time is now to unleash the power of your Spotify mobile app. And to unlock a world of musical possibilities! 

Remember that the YouSpot Chrome Extension or YouTube To Spotify Extension can prove to be the best resolution. Furthermore, by following the simple methods below, you can enjoy all your cherished YouTube tunes alongside your favorite Spotify tracks. Say goodbye to limitations and relish the sounds of your favorite artists, whether they're on YouTube or Spotify. Let's dive in and make your personalized Spotify playlist a musical haven for all your favorite tunes!

How To Add YouTube Songs To Spotify Mobile

In order to learn about adding all of your YouTube Playlist to Spotify on your mobile device. You can get assistance through two alternatives rather than the YouSpot Extension here. So, you can pick the applicable one; let’s get started; 

Method 1: Download Playlist Utilizing Your Local Files 

Stage 1: Launch The Spotify App 

Unlike installing the YouSpot Chrome Extension, first, you need to sign in to your Spotify account. And to do so, you must first open the Spotify app on your device.

Step 2: Select “Edit” & “Preference” Options Simultaneously

Next, either you can click on the "Edit" choice. Or on the three dots, you can see in the upper right corner to reach the "Inclinations" menu. You can likewise squeeze Control and P all the while for a fast, easy route.

Step 3: Choose the “Local Files” Option   

In the settings menu, select "Nearby Records" for  YouSpot. You'll be taken to the location where you can save the music you want to import by clicking this.

Step 4: Select the “Add A Source” Option 

Pick "Add a Source" towards the window's lower part. Select the index where your ideal music documents are put away. Don’t repeat this step while installing the YouTube To Spotify Extension.  

By choosing "Neighborhood Records" from the menu on the left half of the screen, you'll get the music-saved money on your gadget. Moreover, click the "OK" button once you have chosen the records. 

And to begin listening to your music, visit the "Local Files" section. You have the opportunity to make playlists with these privately saved melodies on your gadget. Partake in your customized assortment of music right, readily available!

Step 5: Search For The Playlists Section 

After adding all your desired music to your local files, move toward the "Playlists" section within the Spotify app. Remember, the “Playlists” section lets you organize your music into personalized playlists. Moreover, clicking on the three dots (ellipsis) next to the song or album is necessary to add the local files to a playlist. And then, you need to select the "Add to Playlist" option. In case you want to create a new playlist, then visit and click the "Library" option. And then, you need to click on "Create Playlist" to create your own customized playlist to listen to at Youtube to Spotify.

Step 6: Activate Windows Defender

You need to enable synchronization if you want to share your streaming experience with others as well. And to do so, activate the Windows Defender Firewall on your mobile device. Alternatively, type the name into the search box on your mobile device to find Windows Defender Firewall.

Here's how to enable Windows Defender Firewall for successful synchronization. Keep in mind this process is completely different from the YouSpot Extension processing. Let’s begin it;   

1. Search for "Windows Defender Firewall" on your mobile device.

2. Open the Windows Defender Firewall settings.

3. To ensure smooth communication and syncing between your devices. Don’t forget to check if both "Options 2" and "Options 4" are disabled or not.

4. Next, to save the changes, check the boxes and then click on the "OK" option. The boxes should now be marked red.

Once this process is complete and your tunes have been successfully located, your playlists with the added local files will be accessible on Spotify. That’s how you can enjoy your customized playlist on your mobile device. It gives a true example of a blend taste of both Spotify's vast library and your personalized local files to leave an ultimate music streaming experience. 

Step 7: Visit Your Spotify Mobile Account 

After carefully reviewing your chosen settings, open the Spotify app on your smartphone. Don’t forget to enter your login credentials to access your Spotify account after doing that. And then, navigate to the playlist that you created earlier. 

Moreover, being a “Premium subscriber,” it will show you a green slider at the top of the page. But, if you are a non-Premium user, then it will show you a "Download" option in the upper left corner. Which is located right above your music list.

Before you continue with the download, ensure that your mobile device and the computer where you added the local files are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Remember, Spotify requires this to save playlists; hence, ensure to use only one network at one time.

Double-check your internet connection and click the tiny slider next to the word "Download" to initiate the music download process. In order to get quick results, you can even try your hands on the YouTube To Spotify Extension or YouSpot Extension. 

Kudos! You can now listen to the songs on Spotify, successfully importing them from YouTube Music. If you wish to add more music, follow these instructions again.

Important: Remember that your device's security relies on the Windows Defender Firewall, which you must re-enable after completing the steps. To restore the green color in the settings, please turn on the features we previously mentioned by clicking their respective toggle switches.

Now you have a playlist filled with an eclectic mix of tracks from the vast Spotify library and your favorites from YouTube Music. Enjoy the diverse and seamless listening experience on your Spotify mobile app! Happy listening!

Method 2: Utilize an External Website for Music Conversion

Step 1: Handpick Your Playlist

The initial step is to select a playlist of your choice, either by Discovering an existing one or creating your very own collection on YouTube. Once selected, head to and click "Enter."

Step 2: Set The Source

Upon arriving at the Tunemymusic page, click "Start" for YouSpot. Next, you'll need to specify the source, in this case, YouTube (although the same process applies to other platforms). Paste the URL of your YouTube Playlist in the designated space and proceed by clicking "Load Playlist."

Step 3: Choose Your Destination

After your chosen playlist has loaded on the Tunemymusic page, scroll down. Locate the "Next" button, which allows selecting the destination platform. Opt for "Spotify" as your desired destination.

Step 4: Initiating The Music Transfer

Now that Spotify is selected click "Start moving my music" to get the YouSpot experience. Be patient as the transfer process completes.

Congratulations! Your YouTube songs have been successfully converted and transferred to Spotify. Upon logging into your Spotify account, you'll find this playlist ready and waiting for you to indulge in your favorite tunes.

Embrace this seamless musical transition, where your selected tracks from YouTube find their new home within your Spotify playlist. Enjoy the harmonious blend of sounds from both platforms and let the rhythm elevate your listening experience! Happy music streaming!


Embark on an exciting vacation with your friends and immerse yourself in the perfect mood set by a carefully curated selection of music from YouTube. By following the step-by-step procedures, seamlessly import your favorite tunes into your Spotify mobile app. Create a personalized playlist filled with cherished tracks and share your musical journey with others by making it public on Spotify. With your playlist synced to your phone's music library, enjoy the perfect musical companion during your vacation activities, whether driving or strolling. Now you can master your musical experience and savor every moment with your Spotify-picked playlist. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! Happy listening!

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