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How to Download and Install Youtube to Spotify Extension to Macbook

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No doubt, we all like jumping on YouTube whenever we are in the mood to listen to our favorite songs and tracks. As it is available with video streaming and easy music searchable options. But the downside is there is no option to create a playlist on YouTube, in which you can play songs binge-free. Therefore, as a resolution, you can add your favorite music track or song from Youtube to the Spotify music streaming app. Yes, this is possible by installing the “YouSpot Extension” on your system. Remember to install this “YouSpot Chrome Extension” either on Chromebook or Macbook PC/laptop. 

So always keep yourself high on music, as now you can listen to your favorite songs on YouTube or Spotify. Installing the YouTube To Spotify Extension on the “YouSpot Edge” “YouSpot Firefox“ web browser is advised to avoid any hassles. Moreover, it also gives you the option to create your own music playlist on Spotify, apart from adding YouTube songs. And that’s how you can save time from revisiting YouTube repeatedly as you now have the Youspot chrome extension. 

Furthermore, how do you download and install youtube to Spotify extensions to a MacBook within two clicks? Straight follow the downward information and listen directly to your favorite YouTube tracks on the Spotify music streaming app. Apart from this, you will also find some basic information on its features and functionality. Besides YouTube, the YouSpot Extension allows you to listen to all your favorite songs from SoundCloud to Spotify.   

Feature of Youtube to Spotify Extension 

The YouSpot Chrome Extension has three major user-friendly features that make it even more result-oriented or productive. Now, without any further delay, let's begin digging more about “Youspot” features, and these are:    

1. Accessibility 

The first feature describes its flexibility when accessing this “YouSpot Extension” on different devices such as MacBook. Plus, users can easily access this (Youspot)Youtube to Spotify extension in both “YouSpot Edge” and “YouSpot Firefox” web browsers. Moreover, it enables adding songs to your created Spotify playlist from both YouTube and SoundCloud. 

2. Create Playlist

The second feature is all about creating a sufficient face for all songs as a playlist. The best part is users can easily create their playlists on Spotify to add all their favorites from YouTube. In a nutshell, users don’t need to switch to a different platform to listen to all their songs.  

3. Add Songs 

The final and relevant feature is “Add Songs,” which lets you easily add songs once you install and pin the Youtube to Spotify extension on your MacBook. As of now, you can easily get those songs into your Spotify playlists, so you don’t need to switch to YouTube again for music streaming.  

How to use Youtube to Spotify Extension to MacBook? 

It will be easy for you to implement the installation process of YouSpot Extension installation, once you learn about its features. Therefore, here you have a few steps that make it easy to understand its download and installation process from scratch. And these are:

1. Firstly, you need to click on the “Add to Chrome” button. And then, you need to click the “Add Extension” button, which you can find on the screen.

2. Next, click on the “Puzzle” icon to proceed further. Check the Chrome bar's right-hand side to find the “Puzzle” icon easily.  

3. Make sure to pin the Youtube to Spotify extension in your browser’s toolbar. Remember, the extension should appear as a blue pin in front of the extension name “Spotify Playback Speed” once to pin it.  

4. After applying all the above steps, turn on a music video on YouTube. And then, you don’t need to do anything as it will automatically copy the URL of the song. 

5. In the final step, you will be asked to add the song from YouTube to any of the opened playlists on Spotify. Remember, creating a music playlist on Spotify is important before adding the song. Hence, if you still need to create one, then create it first to save songs. 

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